Remembering Dreams – Ways to Remember Our Dreams

     There are several techniques that one can employ to help them to better remember their dreams. The main key is to learn how to wake up slowly so that one keeps contact with their subconscious mind for a longer period of time. It is natural for us to immediately think of our daily responsibilities when we first wake up, or to begin talking with a spouse or partner about the daily events. Remembering our dreams takes work and we need to work to recall our dreams immediately upon awakening. This is a critical opportunity to remember a dream.

     To wake up slowly one must lie still in bed, without talking and still keeping ones eyes closed. Then one must work to remember what it is that they were just dreaming about, as we always dream just before we wake up in the morning. One may not immediately remember a specific image or sequence from a dream, but it is nevertheless important to remain in bed and think about what one is feeling. Dreams will always leave an emotional after taste in our brains. One may wake up feeling tense, frustrated, happy, sad or worried. Is there a feeling as if we were looking for something or trying to accomplish something? Next, one should keep a dream journal in handy reach next to the bed and answer four questions:

* What was the key image in the dream? * What was the key feeling? * Where was the dream located?

* What situation in our waking life does this dream remind me of?

     These four questions will help identify the dream’s meaning, and will help one recall the dream later in the day, when one has more time to reflect upon it, in a clear-headed state.

     The third step includes confirming ones intention to remember ones dreams before going to bed at night-and to wake up slowly the following morning.

To examine what certain symbols in your dreams may mean, visit:

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