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     Psychology is defined as the science that deals with mental processes and behavior and the emotional and behavioral characteristics of an individual, group, or activity.

In the beginning questions and statements were considered such as:

In physics, force is usually measured by its effects, and scientific research is measured by Innovation. In psychology, we may some day be able to measure sensation by determining the movement accompanying a given sensation. But the cause is no less constant than the effect, and we may with scientific accuracy specify and measure sensation by the physical stimulus causing the corresponding cerebral commotion. The relation subsisting between the sensation and the physical stimulus has, therefore, been the subject of much experiment and discussion. An especially large share of attention has been given to studying the way in which the intensity of the sensation varies with the intensity of the corresponding stimulus.

     We have come so far in research, and our progression will continue. Please read through our site and benefit in the information has to offer.