Job Selection – Measures That Will Ensure Satisfied Employees

     When selecting employees and considering job selection, there are several steps that are taken. These include – recruiting candidates, giving these candidates realistic previews of what they are going to be doing to ensure that they are interested, using selection techniques such as letters of reference, testing cognitive abilities, screening personality and integrity, and the use of interviews.

     There are important characteristics about a job that will ensure that employees will be satisfied and remain. These include:

* Challenging, interesting and meaningful work * Salary and Benefits * Advancement opportunities * Job security * Good Working hours * Good Working conditions * Pleasant Co-workers * Feeling respected and appreciated * Having an opportunity to learn new skills * Having a fair and loyal supervisor * Being asked ones opinion

* Assistance with personal problems is available

There are certain recruitment sources – these include:

* Help-wanted ads * Employment agencies * Professional associations * Outplacement firms * Job fairs * Campus recruitment * Referrals from employees

* Friends and acquaintances

     It has been seen that informal sources, such as through a friend or relative are the best ways to recruit employees.

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