Cognitive Strategies and Athletic Success – Using The Mind to Succeed

     There are certain mental and cognitive strategies that athletes can use to help themselves with competition and athletic success. Successful athletes show a number of cognitive strategies, such as:

* regulating and managing arousal levels, * showing self-confidence, * using concentration and focus, * feeling in control and not forcing things,

* using positive imagery and thought,

* exercising commitment and determination, * setting goals,

* having well-developed plans and well-developed coping strategies

Sport psychologists suggest some Guidelines For Practice:

* To enhance confidence, practice specific plans to deal with problems during competition. * Practice routines to deal with unusual circumstances and distractions before and during competition. * Concentrate wholly on the upcoming performance and block out irrelevant events and thoughts. * Use several mental rehearsals prior to competition. * Don’t worry about other competitors before a competition – instead focus on what you can control – your own performance. * Develop detailed competition plans. * Learn to regulate arousal and anxiety.

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