Achievement Anxiety – A Fear of Failure

     Achievement anxiety always occurs in educational settings. Anxiety can seriously inhibit learning and performance – particularly on tests. The main source of anxiety in school is fear of failure and with it – the loss of self-esteem. Low achievers are particularly more likely to feel anxious in school, but they are not the only ones. It can block school performance in several ways. An anxious student may have difficulty learning in the first place, difficulty using or transferring knowledge and difficulty demonstrating their knowledge on tests.

     They are likely to be more overly self-conscious in performance, a feeling that distracts attention from the task at hand. There are some techniques that teachers can apply to reduce the negative impact of anxiety on learning and performance. Creating a climate that is accepting, comfortable and non-competitive helps. Giving students opportunities to correct errors or improve their work before handing it in also helps anxious children, as does providing clear, unambiguous instruction.

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